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Join the Twitter Squad to #StoptheNSA and pass the #USAFreedomAct

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How this will help

Our privacy is under assault and no one seems to care!

Join the Twitter Squad today and commit to spreading the word about the NSA and its spying programs. Joining the Twitter Squad means you will be a part of a group who can respond quickly to breaking news and educate the public against the NSA's continuous invasion of our privacy.

We will make it easy for you to participate by providing email notifications with items that we believe the public needs to hear. All you need to do is tweet the messages out!

Of course, the public needs to hear about the NSA's illegal spying until it's stopped - so feel free to tweet your own messages as frequently as you can! The more we tweet the better.

Don't forget to use these hashtags:

  • #StoptheNSA 
  • #USAFreedomAct 
  • #DontSpyonMe

Here are a few examples:

  • I found this great article (insert link). I didn't know my cell phone isn't safe from the NSA either! #StoptheNSA #DontSpyonMe
  • The NSA thinks our privacy doesn't matter. I say it does! #StopetheNSA #DontSpyonMe

Without us who will speak up for our privacy?

Join today!


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