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The Governors of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming; the U.S. Secretary of the Interior; the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service; The President of the United States; selected members of the U.S. Congress

Please end trophy hunting and trapping of wolves near our Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. We ask that you work with other federal and state authorities to create a no-hunt, safety zone for wolves around these national parks.

Frankly, we are outraged that wolf hunting and trapping near our parks was authorized in the first place. It makes absolutely no sense. Many thousands of people from all over the USA and the world travel visit these parks to see and enjoy wolves. Park wolves so cherished and enjoyed by so many people have already been killed, while others are now threatened by these hunts.

Please act in the greater public interest and uphold the "non-impairment" standard for our national parks.

A positive response from you on this matter will encourage us to visit the Yellowstone area and eagerly support its tourist industry and local communities.

We look forward to your kind reply. Thank you.


Tony Povilitis

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How this will help

It's an important part of a broader "Campaign for Yellowstone's Wolves" (see Facebook)  


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