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Legislator Jay Schneiderman, Suffolk County, New York

Many of Suffolk's pet dealers sell puppies from USDA-licensed and inspected commercial breeding operations. They advertise this as a stamp of quality. Unsuspecting, misinformed consumers see no reason to question these claims. In truth, a USDA-licensed commercial breeding operation only means breeding parents are treated according to 1966 minimum standards of care for livestock. It has the same dictionary definition as a puppy mill.

Legislator Jay Schneiderman has introduced Resolution No. I.R. 1047-2014 to combat puppy mill abuse in Suffolk County. This law asks for better care of puppies and kittens in Suffolk's pet stores, as well as consideration for the safety and health of the breeding parents, which are now purposely hidden from sight and mind of consumers. It will require upfront disclosure of the source of animals and all violations noted by USDA inspectors. Common violations include: sick breeding dogs; cages too small for dogs to sit up, turn, or stretch; improper shelter; no vet care or kennel staff performing veterinary procedures without proper schooling, and more.

A Chihuahua in a toaster-oven sized wire enclosure with ten-day old food and green water passes inspection. The USDA does not require socialization, exercise, or human contact for breeding animals or their offspring. Animals are bred until they cannot produce anymore, then they are sold at auction or disposed of by death. Because they are considered livestock, this is barely a violation.

As a result of this inhumane start, puppy mill puppies are more likely to have physical and behavioral problems than dogs from other sources. Commercial breeding operations are not, by definition healthy or safe.

Ask Legislator Schneiderman to pass legislation ensuring all animals sold by Suffolk County pet dealers are sourced from humane, safe and healthy sources, by banning the sale of all commercially bred puppies and kittens from ANY breeder or broker with USDA violations.

Suffolk County needs to be as progressive as over 40 other municipalities across the country that have passed similar bills and the dozens of others considering it.

Breeding dogs and cats have suffered under the USDA for almost fifty years. It is time for Suffolk to finally say no more.


Kris Malkasian

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Our local officials have heard from pet stores, registries like the AKC that provide "papers" to mill puppies, and other lobby groups. It is time they heard from the residents of the county.  


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