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Have you wonder where you can find hope?

Each person hoped at least once. Some people hope to win the lottery. Some get fake hopes. Real hopes get our dreams closer.Or you can discover the hope that gives you strength to carry on. In my work, this kind of hope is very motivational.

On2nd of April, 40 children from Smardan village and 20 from the nearby village walked with their teachers, Elena and Adriana to see our shelter and hear ROLDA staff talk about the importance of the sterilization.

The visit was a huge surprise for me because the children enthusiasm is genuine and it should be "contagious" to adults from Romania. All children come from rural families with small income, however they managed to collect some money and bought food for the dogs. Guided by their teachers, they also created posters about the importance of sterilization.

Some children ask our help to sterilize their pets. Of course, we were thrilled and agreed immediately. It costs 20 EUR to sterilize a female dog.

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