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Cats Spay Day Iasi Launches on April 5 - for 120 free cat spays!

By Lelia Creanga

Thanks to Romania Animal Rescue, Inc amazing donors 12 cats were spayed today (4 of them already pregnant). This is the first day of our free cats spay / neuter campaign for 120 cats in Iasi. Much gratitude to all kind people who understood that this is the only way to stop the abandonment and the suffering of stray cats and brought their cats to be fixed! spay / neuter your pets!

Introducing the Homeless Animals Hospital in Craiova, Romania.  Romania Animal Rescue, with the help of our fabulous donors, is funding the treatment for animals of the impoverished, along with homeless animal treatments, free of charge to the public (as our funding allows).  Your donations make this possible!  Please visit this page on Facebook:

And on the horizon for Romania Animal Rescue:

Planning for up to 200 spays/neuters for Asociatia Sufletel Targoviste! Along with the monthly campaign for Moreni (with education books of course ), Comanesti campaign in late April (new!) and the wonderful incredible Iasi cat spay for 120 cats and 100 dog spays in Miroslava village.  This will bring Romania Animal Rescue closer than ever to our goal of 25,000 animals spayed/neutered….almost there now.  So April, Stray Animals  Month, is a celebration for all this great work to prevent suffering.  For the past 5 years, we have been spaying and neutering on a massive scale, the need grows, as does the word of our wonderful and professional vets and techs. Onward and upward. Let's not give them the opportunity to kill or exploit the animals anymore!   Please help us to help the animals of Romania with a donation, and thank you!  Paypal:  [email protected]


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