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Help the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas

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How this will help

Chella Melnechuk.- The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas is an AMAZING lady - a true Angel on Earth.

This remarkable human needs some help please.

Please share this news to help be a much needed voice for the voiceless of Nassau, Bahamas. It is time someone listens to their cries for help.

Chella is not a rescue, an organization or shelter.. 

It is just Chella, helping all the dogs that she can.  

Chella goes out everyday to drive around the island to feed every dog that she can see on the streets. 

The sick ones go to the vet to be treated and then released. 

There are so many dogs roaming this small island, injured, sick, nursing mothers, puppies, starving. 

Some are so blessed to find loving homes and start again a new life away from the streets and away from this island. 

Sadly not all the dogs get to have any chance at all, because either help came too late for them and then all Chella can do is bury them and cry for them.  


Please visit her facebook page - The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas , to see just what Chella does. She has had both deep heartbreak and great success.

Let's help her to help as many of these dogs as we can.


DONATIONS are very much appreciated, it helps to buy the dogs food, provide Vet care, and transportation (if they are lucky) to their new home.

This is the link you can kindly please share - thankyou.

Every donation goes towards helping the dogs, and every $ helps!



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