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How this will help

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and we're launching our Believers program. Children try to tell someone an average of 9 times before anyone believes them. Can you imagine how much quicker abuse can stop if we all just believe children when they tell us they are being abused? Take this pledge and working together we can start stopping abuse one belief at a time.

Believers believe victims of child abuse and domestic violence and we will strive to protect them from their abusers.

All children have the right to live their lives free from abuse and neglect.  

  • We believe victims of child abuse and of domestic violence and will strive to protect them from their abusers.
  • We will use the truth to expose the myth that women and children frequently lie about abuse and the abusers and deniers who promote this dangerous myth.

Working together we will heal the victims and educate courts that deny or minimize their complaints.  

It is time to end the trillion dollar annual subsidy for domestic abusers and to make the health and safety of children our highest priority.

Take the pledge and then post your Believer picture on the wall and share why you are a Believer.

Maybe you'll be the difference it takes to safe a child from a lifetime of suffering.


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