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Help protect dogs by urging representatives to support the "PUPS Act"

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We need your help to ask representatives to pass the "PUPS Act" (S. 395). Thousands of dogs are suffering immensely in "puppy mills" -- large-scale, unethical commercial dog-breeding facilities -- so they can be sold to unsuspecting consumers. Dogs produced in puppy mills not only endure terrible conditions before purchase, but are prone to contagious disease, heart and hip problems, and serious breathing difficulties. Meanwhile, millions of dogs are euthanized in animal shelters every year because they haven't been adopted in forever homes.

The PUPS Act seeks to close an Animal Welfare Act loophole that has allowed puppy breeders to skirt laws that require proper regulations and safety inspections. The PUPS Act would require breeders to obtain a license from the USDA and ensure that the dogs receive proper care, exercise, and sanitary facilities.

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