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Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Mr Abbott,

We believe that recycling is a very important issue. We also believe that you are in a position to take action to address this issue.

Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the world with approximately 650 kilograms of waste per person per year. This is second only to the United States America, which produces approximately 715 kilograms per person. The average Australian family of four people makes enough rubbish in one year to completely fill a three-bedroom house from floor to ceiling. Australians produce over 18 million tonnes of waste every year. That is the equivalent of three million Transpacific Cleanaway trucks full of compacted rubbish. About one half of all of the rubbish that goes to landfills in Australia is from households. The rest comes from garden waste, industrial waste, and council waste, commercial waste, building rubble, clean fill and more. This is a shameful indication that Australians do not recycle enough.

Waste does much harm towards our planet and its inhabitants. Waste landfills create greenhouse gasses which then contribute to global warming. There is currently a great floating garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean called a gyre. This gyre is estimated to be three times the size of the state of Texas. This gyre has introduced harmful chemicals to the ocean due to the corrosive plastic these chemicals marine life and in turn affects us as we eat the fish from the same ocean. There are approximately 1.5 million Laysan albatrosses that all have plastic in their digestive system and therefore their chicks are born with defects and look disfigured. Plastic bags and general plastic items in the ocean kill over 100,000 sea turtles along with 12,000 seals each year due to suffocation.

Recycling will help reduce the amount of energy we use to dig up new materials by reusing the materials we have already. This means less deforestation of paper trees and less deforestation for mining locations. Recycling more will maintain the habitats of our wildlife as well. Less waste in the ocean you will save the lives of over a million marine animals and also keeping the ocean clean of harmful corrosive plastics. This is why you must improve Australia’s recycling standards.

Your government is being judged on its inability to ensure proper waste disposal in Australia and the country’s failure to reuse recyclable waste instead of forcing it into overused landfill. We ask that you subsidize Australian waste companies so that they have the funding to properly sort recyclable items from waste and can create recycling plants. This will help reduce the amount of waste that Australia produces. It will prevent the waste related deaths of marine life and it will also lessen our impact on global warming.

We trust that you will act promptly on this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Bailey Wright

This petition closed over 1 year ago

How this will help

The amount of Australia's waste is absolutely atrocious! Our waste problem claims the lives of over 1 million marine animals. This petition tells Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the world knows...

The amount of Australia's waste is absolutely atrocious! Our waste problem claims the lives of over 1 million marine animals. This petition tells Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the world knows the facts about Australia's huge waste problem and the effect it has on our planet. It asks Tony Abbott to make a change for Australia by subsidizing our waste companies so that they have the funding for proper recyclable waste sorting and to have recycling plants all around Australia. If you sign this petition Prime Minister Tony Abbott will realise that Australian voters expect him to act to reduce Australia's waste problem.

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