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Stop Verizon FiOS Incest And Pedophilia Themed Porn!


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Stop Verizon FiOS Incest And Pedophilia Themed Porn! #verizonporn


My father raped me when I was thirteen. During the remainder of my childhood, for the next five years, his cousin...

Stop Verizon FiOS Incest And Pedophilia Themed Porn! #verizonporn


My father raped me when I was thirteen. During the remainder of my childhood, for the next five years, his cousin continued to rape me over and over again.

It's hard to believe, but there really is nothing that unusual about my story. A shocking 20% of American children experience sexual abuse before celebrating their 18th birthday. Half of these innocent children are victimized by at least one family member.

Right now our culture, and most socially responsible companies, has an unprecedented level of sensitivity towards the plight of both incest survivors and other child sexual abuse survivors. I rely on that sensitivity whenever I share my story. While there has never been a "better" time to thrive in our society as a survivor of incest, the past can never be erased.

As an incest survivor I am especially outraged and insulted that the broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon, a company outspoken about its intolerance of domestic violence, defends allowing porn with themes of incest and pedophilia. 

Verizon's FiOS video on-demand service is negligently showing hard-core pay-per-view illegal themed porn on it's cable, internet, wireless service, smartphones and tablets.

Providing this type of dangerous pornography sanctions it's existence.

Sexual relationships between two closely related adults are illegal in all 50 states. Incest pornography is a simulation of a national illegal act that greatly harms mostly children. Incest, like all forms of rape, is about power and control- not about sex. Incest almost always starts with an adult or a more powerful child raping a child they have control over.

Verizon is expressing no shame in profiting from a rape genre of pornography that eroticizes incest and pedophilia, seriously minimizing and trivializing victims and the enormously harmful trauma they continue to endure throughout their lives.

Verizon FiOS hard-core porn with themes of incest, pedophilia,
and sex trafficking include, "Gang Bang Sex Slaves", "Pigtail Teens Pounded", "I Banged My Step-Dad", "Mom, Daughter, and Me", "I Did the Babysitter", "Daddy Likes Em Young", "A Mother's Sons", "Deep In Daughters", etc...

Verizon's own John P. Artney, Associate Director for Advertising and Content Standards,  defended Verizon's decision to allow hard-core porn with themes of incest and pedophilia, noting that, "consumers today have extraordinary choice in and control over the content available to them across these networks."

Abuse, domestic violence, incest, pedophilia, and sex trafficking are all horrific crimes- not an extraordinary choice for victims!

These real- life devastating crimes also cause long term harm to victims. The Adverse Childhood Experience study reveals that statistically, I am likely to have a less healthy and shorter lifespan than I would if those two adults who were supposed to care for me had acted the part. This isn't a matter of anyone's viewing choice- it's a matter of people indulging in and sharing their cruelty, and a matter of desensitizing and endangering society by ignoring and tolerating it. And right now, it's a matter of society eroticizing it.

Survivors are finally beginning to find their own voices, and are raising them up for change. Unfortunately, along this crucial journey we are now facing Verizon's insensitive and irresponsible lack of judgement.  Our stories and plights are being twisted for profit. Just as we are starting to fight back at rape culture, rape culture has been manipulating new ways to unethically shame and blame us into silence. Verizon FiOs is sanctioning it.

"Silence is a large part of the problem surrounding domestic violence," said Verizon Foundation President Rose Stuckey Kirk. "Your Voice Counts aims to address that problem directly by equipping men and women with readily available online resources they need to talk about domestic violence in their communities, to seek help for victims, and to prevent further acts of violence and abuse. Using our resources to address domestic violence is just one way that Verizon shares its success to help make the world a better place."

Sign the petition and tell Verizon to stop profiting from incest and pedophilia themed porn.

If Verizon truly does believe that OUR VOICE COUNTS and really wants to help make the world a better place, then they will make protecting children and families from abuse a priority over PROFIT.

Thank you.

Melanie Blow


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