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Tony Richards

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Eliminate the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Healthy and Treatable Animals

For years as far back as can be remembered Animal Control, the system
put in place by community or govt has been reigning...

Eliminate the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Healthy and Treatable Animals

For years as far back as can be remembered Animal Control, the system
put in place by community or govt has been reigning horror and terror and senseless mind control over animals through the process of selling their overpopulation as dangerous to the mankind... a terrible projection of events that never comes to pass and yet the prevention of this horrible unfolding calls for euthanasia of millions of healthy and treatable and relocatable animals each year ... a dark blot on the soul of humanity ... if you do not believe that look up animal abuse quotes and see the wisdom that has chimed in over the eons on the subject.... Millions have stood and wondered at why it is the way it is. Why is there a system that captures, holds, terrorizes and eventually murders healthy animals.? Why has this system remained in place for so long? Can the almighty dollar be the motivating force behind the murder of these innocent beings? Why is this a system salaried when so many thousands of volunteers will gladly do the job for love of animals? How many millions of dollars can be saved and reinvested in SPAYING, NEUTERING and RELOCATION by making the Animal Control System totally voluntary? Research will need to be done to bring to light the insanity of waste that is presently hidden within the confines of a "safer" public policy ... How much longer are we going to stand by and accept the murder of innocent animals while we tell each other "if only I could do something" ..... READ THIS: WE PLEDGE TO INVESTIGATE FURTHER AND TO DEMAND THAT ANIMAL CONTROL BE TOTALLY REVAMPED TO suit the needs of the "ANIMAL" and not the paranoid un-attentive non aware dormant public and the greedy government municipality who supplies employment in these hellish facilities to better maintain control over PEOPLE in our opinion ...not ANIMALS .... WE SUBMIT THAT THESE ANIMALS THOUGH THEY MAY BE OVERPOPULATED ARE NOT ON TRIAL BY HUMANITY and as such CAN NOT BE TRIED AND EXECUTED TO MAKE SPACE for further development OF USELESS HUMAN REAL ESTATE this is sponsored by The AARF Registry of Known Animal Abusers and Animals Anonymous Relief Fund 501 (c) 3 .... further participation by reputable organizations will be updated as word about this partition spreads and more interest is channeled .... it is about protecting the healthy and treatable animal and diminishing the cost of municipal animal control .... it is about showing the senseless process used by the government versus the one of love and tolerance provided by animal champions .... we do not expect an easy road and much investigation will come into play but it is time to address this issue seriously .... we are more than aware the worst cases of animal abuse come from ANIMAL CONTROL that is sponsored by the State and City .... we are sick of believing that there is interest in the well being of animals that are in captivity in these depraved hellholes ..... take a stand with us and spread the word .... it is going to take a while ... We need to stop the insanity .... THE LIES CONTINUE even when we see the truth of it ... spread the awareness .... ANIMALS HAVE CHARACTER LOVE OF SELF AND FAMILY MEMORIES FEAR OF DYING THE WORST ANIMAL ABUSE IS LEGAL .... Let's change the system guys .... MAKE ANIMAL CONTROL TOTALLY VOLUNTARY .... and use the MILLIONS SAVED TO SPAY AND NEUTER AND RELOCATE TO SAFE LOVING SURROUNDINGS, be they our homes or in a NATURAL HABITAT .... thank you for your support in this grave matter


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