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Help build the Whale Call mobile app to stop dolphin and whale slaughter

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How this will help

Have you noticed how so many campaigns against the slaughter of dolphins and whales seem to just duplicate each other? 

Similar petitions, pledge and information drives from different countries often run indistinctly together confusing supporters and diminishing their effectiveness.

Unintentional but crucial to the success of campaigns.

Wouldn't it be great to have a convergence point where advocates of a particular issue can come together to take a singular action to really make a difference in the world?    

Soon, there'll be an app for that!

Whale Call: Save dolphins and whales with an app

Pledge to help build the world's first mobile application for marine life conservation.

It's our Whale Call community's Whale Call Ocean App...


OApp brings people, campaigns and causes together, putting action at their fingertips.

With the OApp we will not only take action to stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales, we will also save our dying seas to protect their habitats…and our lives as well.

Using the OApp, our community will take a stand against ocean degradation and help maintain our fragile marine life biodiversity not only for dolphins and whales but also for our continuous survival on this planet.

Know more about the OApp here:

Let's put action at people's fingertips

This time, let's get the whole world involved.

Everyone who uses a cellphone, tablet and other mobile devices, that is. And that's about 90% of our planet's adult population.

But let's do something that has never been done before: let's bring causes around the world together. Let's not just give people an app; let's give them the power to become cause leaders.

Imagine the power of millions of cause leaders to change the world. Tremendous!

Here's how to do it…

Launch a global campaign using your phone

For example, you want to help stop the slaughter by cutting the biggest consumers of dolphin and whale meat--tourists and foreigners curious to try them.

You intend to achieve that by informing the world that dolphin and whale meat are toxic.

But you're just one person and you don't have the connections and resources to do that…

OApp can make it easy for you

Use your phone's OApp tools to warn people that whale and dolphin meat are contaminated with high levels of mercury, cadmium, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), DDT, dioxin and other toxic substances hazardous to human health.

Launch petitions

You can sponsor a petition asking governments to Inform tourists that scientists have established a strong link between toxins in dolphin and whale meat and a variety of human diseases and medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, Parkinson's disease and poisoning of unborn child, among others.

Raise funds, build awareness, sponsor cause actions

You can raise funds for an awareness campaign or directly call for a protest against distributors of dolphin and whale meat.


You can also work with other causes to unify global actions and avoid duplication of efforts to have a solid front to achieve a common goal.

With the OApp you become  global mobile cause leader

To launch your Whale Call, simply send your campaign to OApp users around the world. 

Supporters will use their phones and mobile devices to respond to your Whale Call.

Manage your supporters by sending notifications, posting updates and sharing information to achieve your goal.

You're not alone after all.

Give and get a gift!

Here's your chance to make a tangible difference in the world...

Gil De Palma, Founder of Whale Call Project and Cause Leader of the Causes. com community, Stop Dolphin and Whale Slaughtering, has launched the OApp crowdfunding campaign to make it happen. 

Crowdfunding pools small contributions from supporters to finance the development and operation of the OApp. 

Donors get rewards--whale call music, buttons, shirts, caps, speakers--from Whale Call Project as a Thank You. 

Pledge to help build the OApp and support our community's Whale Call crowdfunding campaign at:

Thank you very much.


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