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Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment

Greg Hunt Member for Flinders Minister for the environment PO Box 274 Hastings Victoria 3915 Dear Greg Hunt Pollution is a big deal in Australia and it needs to be reduced otherwise things will get worse and I believe that you are in a position where you can help me out and get the people of Australia to reduce pollution. I would like you to make people use more ecofriendly bags which will reduce the pollution of plastic bags. Pollution has to be reduced because it’s a serious problem. The vast majority of pollution is caused by land based activities—soil erosion, fertiliser use and intensive animal. If land pollution is reduced fewer animals will die from choking on it, getting trapped by it. The temperatures will be down, the chances of natural diseases will drop a lot, and it will also result in a much cleaner area. If people just keep littering and do not care about the outcome then this country will be dirty and more animals will die each year as a result of their carelessness. As Member for Flinders and Minster for the Environment this issue should hopefully be a priority for you. Many people are watching and are very supportive of this issue and I think you really should help reduce the use of plastic bags. We ask that you make issue your first priority. You really need to do this Mr Hunt, not just for me but for every single animal in Australia that is being affected by the devastating land pollution. Yours sincerely, Jai Warriner


Jai Warriner

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How this will help

It will help because it will reduce all the main things that pollution causes, the chances of natural disasters will reduce, our country will also be a lot cleaner.

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