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We need for the oceans to be cleaned up and to stop littering, with funding from the local council, and Gold Coast waterways, communities could prioritise the cleaning of designated areas, using the latest equipment to prevent pollution from washing into our waterways. Oceans cover most of the world we live in. Why are we destroying a resource we rely on so much. Litter end up in the ocean In a variety of ways. From land, trash may be carried to the ocean in rivers or storm and sewage drains, swept from the beach by waves and surf, or blown offshore by winds, especially during heavy storms. Trash may also come from ships or offshore platforms, although dumping of plastic at sea has been banned since 1988. We don’t know how much marine debris enters the ocean, or whether most of it comes from land or from vessels at sea. The build-up of the plastic in the ocean is not only affecting the animals which live there it is affecting us as well. In some areas of the ocean the plastic and plankton ratio is six to one. This is destroying marine life in these areas making zones of inhabitable ocean. The plastic soup that consists mainly of plastic bottles and bottle caps, plastic and everything that humanity throws away. Over the next ten years, the plastic soup could double in size. At this speed, the plastic grows by much as 8 football fields every second. The plastic in the ocean is getting absorbed by the wild life and it works its way through the food chain. The chemicals in the plastic messes with hormones, not only of the wild life but of all us as well. A Recent study in Japan shows that women who have absorbed the plastic chemicals in them are more likely to have miscarriages. Our oceans are being ruined by all this plastic going into them. People may believe that the ocean breaks it down but that is a misconception. The ocean \breaks it down into tiny pieces or an ooze which you can’t see, but there is actually tonnes in the ocean. This action will help our future. The ocean is one of our biggest resources we rely on it so heavily. Imagine ‘if the ocean was a room in your house would you throw rubbish in there. No so why are our oceans filled with trash. Funding from council to Queensland waterways would benefit the speed at which rubbish can be picked up. Would you rather people get paid to pick up litter by hand or money be provided for special trucks and equipment designed to gather tonnes of rubbish. Imagine in the future with a destroyed ocean; no swimming, no animals, not even blue. It may not affect you but maybe your kids. The problem may not appear severe now but imagine how much harder it will be to deal with when it is serious. Through prioritising clean up and anti-litter campaigns, everyone takes some responsibility to clean up. It will create a culture of pride in our environment, they will be taking the future into their own hands. Especially for things like tourism, the overall look of the city. Cleaning would make a big start they could be the leader in a new stage of cleanliness. Keeping citizens healthy making jobs. They could start small end by the end they will be getting whole states and communities involved in ‘the way of the future’ Yours sincerely Matt Walmsley


matthew walmsley

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How this will help

This petition will  make the council understand that everyone  wants the oceans cleaned up. We want a healthier, clean lifestyle. Gold Coast waterways are the ones who can do fix up our polluted waters.


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