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The desperate struggle to save or at least prolong the lives of five seriously sick Felix kitties has been carrying on for weeks now, but it already seems this agony has been lasting forever. And yes, I know we can't save them all and I'm completely aware that when the vet's prognosis for the sick kitties is bad, their chances of recovery are slim to none, but watching them getting worse day by day and doing nothing is not and cannot ever be an option.

Out of those five sick kitties, Kus Kus and Marka, which are the eldest, and Njanja with his mysterious problems, seem to have all managed to pull through and they are doing almost fine now – or more precisely, all three of them are in their regular state of ill health but their conditions aren't worsening. Sadly, Kmeca and Frca are literally fighting for their lives and judging by their looks and behavior, the end is rapidly approaching.

Kmeca is just a shadow of her old self and I fear she is giving up. She doesn't eat anything and I've been force-feeding her for days now, but she is fading away right before my eyes and the drugs she is receiving are not doing her any good. Seeing her in such horrible shape, with brittle, dull fur and so painfully thin, from the outside she doesn't even resemble a strong willed, determined, sometimes grumpy but essentially sweet-natured and loving kitty girl she once was, but her heart of gold is the same. And no matter how heartbreaking the sight of her may be or how weak she has gotten, for as long as she is not in pain, seeks my presence and purrs while cuddling with me, I refuse to believe her time has come this soon. It has not... not yet.

Her kidneys are failing and the buildup of toxic wastes produces the signs and symptoms of uremic poisoning, which include loss of appetite and consequently loss of weight, general apathy and ulcers on the gums and tongue. Thankfully she is not struggling while I'm syringe feeding her, she is even trying to eat on her own and although she spits out everything she takes into her mouth, she does swallow a certain amount of semi liquid food every day. At this point, it's impossible to say how much time she has left…

Frca looks only slightly better, she eats willingly but is not gaining any weight – the good news, I guess, is that she is not losing any either. She behaves normally, she is still a great cuddler and enjoys sitting at the window when the weather is nice, just looking into the yard, bathed in the radiant sunlight. Her cancer must be killing her slowly but she is not suffering and she is obviously not yet ready to leave. Even if she has only a few days or a few weeks more, struggling to provide her with everything she needs and enabling her to live out her life the best she can is absolutely justified. Despite the lack of funds, I simply can't leave these lovely kitties in the lurch; debts are piling up, and they both require veterinary care and are being given special, palatable soft food, vitamins and everything else the vet recommends.

What we really need is a miracle, two little miracles for two fragile kitty girls :( And if miracles don't happen, we badly need the help of all of our friends and supporters, all of those wonderful people out there who laugh and cry together with us, who share our joys and our sorrows and who think that our two skinny sweeties are worth every try. Kmeca and Frca are not young and it's extremely unlikely that they will bounce back, but if we can't give them health and many more happy years they both so much deserve, at least we can make the rest of their lives, however short they may be, as fulfilled, nice and happy as possible. Surrounded by all of the youngsters who are snuggling with them, showering them with affection no matter what and who will obviously love and comfort them until the end, the burden they both carry must seem lighter. They are still happy when their little friends are around, they still love the sun, they still rub their faces against mine and they both know they are very much loved. That's how they lived and that's how they should leave.

If you could by any chance help these two loving, frail and fragile kitty girls, please do so! Anything you might be able to give really means a lot and even the smallest amount can make a big difference in the lives of our delicate but brave fighters. Please, get involved today if you possibly can, as tomorrow might be too late :( The debts for Kmeca's and Frca's treatments will still be here, but will they?

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