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"Why is spay/neuter so important?

Not spayed/neutered owned pets in people's yards are the main source for strays. Killing strays will never solve the situation on the streets of Romania: animals will continue to be born, unwanted, in people's yards, who will senselessly abandon the puppies and kittens on the public domain. Spaying/neutering is an act of responsibility and an efficient way of reducing the stray population! Moreover, it has true benefits for the health and longevity of the animals."

These two new campaigns are helping to stop the killing of unwanted puppies and kittens!  Please join them and share in prevention of suffering at its source!  It is time to stop the horror and suffering of the Romanian animals.  Thank you!

Bistrita Villages Campaign:

Miroslava County (Iasi region)

You may also donate to Romania Animal Rescue via our website:    or   Paypal:   [email protected]


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