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Push back against religious discrimination.

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How this will help

Join our #NotInMyName campaign to call out religious discrimination when it happens — and to help oppose efforts to write discrimination into law in the name of religion!

Each day, LGBTQ people across the country are treated unequally under the law. Whether being kicked out of religiously-affiliated homeless shelters, fired from a job at a Catholic school, denied live-saving hospital care at a Baptist hospital, or refused service by a private business owner, LGBTQ folks experience discrimination each day — and that discrimination is mostly rooted in religious bigotry.

It's time to stand up to religious discrimination — to show the country that the majority of Americans are fair-minded, support LGBTQ equality, and often do so because of their faith, not despite it.

If you're committed to fighting these efforts with us, pledge your support. This is the first step toward victory over these discriminatory efforts -- we will invite you to a conference call to update you on what's happening with across the country, and to talk through strategies for pushing back on them. 

Thank you so much for lending your voice to this issue!!


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