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The board of directors of the National September 11 Memorial Museum.

We who have lost children, wives and husbands, sisters and brothers, and relatives and friends in the 9/11 terrorist attacks feel that the $24 admission price set for the 9/11 Memorial Museum is excessive and prohibitive, and should be lowered to make it welcoming and affordable to all.

As a mother who lost a child, one of close to 3000 victims of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack, I am the voice of many families who are outraged by the entrance fee for the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The current fee is prohibitive and will prevent many families, tourists, and residents of New York from visiting the museum, thus defeating the intent and the goal of erecting the museum in the first place. After all, the goal of the museum is not only to become a site of remembrance for our loved ones, but also to educate the world about the evils of hatred, to remember the fallen, and to make sure that our collective memory prevents a similar atrocity from being repeated.

The museum represents a different experience than the above-ground memorial. Unlike the memorial, which lists the names of the victims, the museum, according to an article in Wired includes "110,000 square-feet of exhibition space nestled into the heart of the original World Trade Center site. From the lobby, a ramp guides visitors down to the lowest level, 70 feet underground. Along the way, a mediascape showcasing the personal stories of 9/11 from people around the world is meant to provide a bridge between the present day and the event." Clearly, it is important for as many people as possible to visit the Museum, but with a $24 admission fee, we feel that too many people will simply pass it by. We therefore ask the board of directors to reconsider their decision and make the admission fee voluntary and affordable to all.


Valentina Lygina

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An affordable entrance fee will make the museum more accessible, increase the general public's awareness of the events surrounding 9/11, and memorialize those who perished in the tragedy

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