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Raise awareness of the symptoms and help those showing signs of an eating disorder.

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How this will help

I know from personal experience that it took almost 7 years for me to receive treatment because I didn't speak up. Those around me noticed the signs (in retrospect), but nothing was done. The hardest thing for someone with an eating disorder to do is admit they have a problem or actively seek help. I sure didn't think i needed help, but I am so glad I have received treatment. 

Just by identifying the symptoms and opening up dialogue the problem is forced into the open and helps break that initial barrier of speaking out. Being a source of support for friends in need can change lives. The decision to receive treatment is their's alone, but we can help spot the signs and help them overcome their disorder. 

Eating disorders are not only a risk to a person's health, but it also changes who they are as a person and can destroy relationships. It holds people back from achieving their true potential and ultimately says that a person's worth is directly related to how skinny they are. This mentality needs to change and we can help.

I pledge to...

increase my knowledge of the mental, behavioral, and physical signs of eating disorders.

look out for behavioral or phyiscal signs of eating disorders in my friends and loved ones.

voice my concern when someone is showing signs.

not only to be on the look out for women, but recognize that men also can develop eating disorders.

be understanding and patient to those with an eating disorder. It is a deeply personal and rough journey to recovery.

offer support and encouragement for a healthy body image.

be honest and not tip toe around the issue, but to also be gentle. 

remember that the eating disorder is not about the food.

speak out against the promotion of an unhealthy body image. 

For a full list of signs for various eating disorders please visit:


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