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To Nike,
We demand that you stop doing business with Daewoo International for they are known to be profiting from slave labour in Uzbekistan.

We are aware that Nike uses Daewoo to acquire the resources needed to make Nike products. This is a problem because Daewoo is using slaves to do their work (Cotton harvesting, etc.) in order to save money.
We demand this because:

- Nike consumers should be able to shop with peace of mind and a knowledge that the products they are buying will not help fund the injustices that slaves are facing.
- Although Nike is a popular brand of clothing and sporting equipment, we believe that a large percentage of its consumers would think twice before buying Nike products if they knew that Nike supported slave labour.

If Nike took action and stopped dealing with Daewoo International we believe that not only would it benefit Nike, but it would give thousands of men, women and children a better quality of life and free them from a life of abuse and misery. It would allow the children to go out and get an education which would lead them to a career, it would allow the men to get jobs so they can support a family and it would allow the women to raise their children into a life free from pain. If you stop dealing with Daewoo, it would be a great example to other companies that support slave labour and may even influence them to make some changes within their businesses. They must avoid using resources that are produced by slaves or suppliers dealing with slaves.

We the undersigned demand that Nike stops dealing with Daewoo International in an attempt to prevent slavery from becoming an even larger global issue.


Ben Abrahams

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If Nike were to stop using slave labour it would set many slaves free. It would also set an example to other corporations using slave labour. 

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