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Mark Parker, Nike CEO

Dear Nike,

We the undersigned demand that Nike stop doing business with Daewoo International, I am writing to express my disappointment regarding Nike’s decision to continue doing business with Daewoo International, a company that is knowingly profiting from forced labour in Uzbekistan. It is well known that for decades the government of Uzbekistan has forced millions of adults and children into slave labour, and those who refuse are expelled from school, fired from their jobs, and denied public benefits or worse.

Only a handful of companies have proven themselves unsympathetic enough to profit from Uzbekistan’s forced labour system of cotton production and even fewer companies are willing to interact with these ruthless operators, therefore I was surprised to learn that Nike, which was stated its firm opposition to the use of forced labour in the Uzbek cotton sector, continues to do business with Daewoo and is refusing to follow the lead of several well-known apparel companies that have honoured the call by Uzbek human rights activists to remove Daewoo from their supply chains. However I understand that Nike buys only synthetic material from Daewoo and doesn’t buy Daewoo cotton, Nikes decision to protect Daewoo sends a dangerous message to other companies and damages the efforts of Uzbek citizens who have risked their lives to bring justice to Uzbekistan’s cotton fields.

I find it upsetting that Nike harbours companies in its supply chain that are profiting from human rights violations rather than helping to bring an end to one of the most serious cases of state sponsored forced labour in our time. I therefore ask Nike to stop doing business with Daewoo and that they agree to implement the Daewoo protocol. A series of steps Nike need to take to eliminate Uzbek cotton from its supply chains. Thank you for taking your time out to read this.
We trust that you will act promptly on this matter


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By signing this Petition it will make Nike realise that it is a influential company and many companys look up to them and to stop what they are doing.

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