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The Life First Campaign is a call for each one of us to prioritize the continuation of life and our future generations as the primary consideration – before profit, power or personal ambition. The Children's Fire Movement would like to see this ethic embraced, not only by individuals, but by our businesses, organisations, decision making bodies and institutions of power.

Sign the Life First Campaign by clicking here - it will inspire others to step forward and voice their agreement with this vitally important ethic. 

** Please note that Life First is not to be confused with pro life.

** And businesses, we're not campaigning against all forms of profit making - it's just that it's vitally important that the need to make profit does not come before the continuation of Life and our future generations! Which is just common sense isn't it?

Click here to learn more about Life First

You can also learn more about the Children's Fire Movement's perspective on the current global movement for change via this article... rEvolution, the Circle of Law and the Children's Fire.

Click here to sign our Life First Campaign

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