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Department of Fisheries, Queensland

Department of Fisheries, Queensland
Central Office
Primary Industries Building
80 Ann St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Post: GPO Box 46, Brisbane, Qld 4001

The Department of fisheries need to raise more awareness with recreational and commercial fisherman of the damage they are doing to our oceans. Queensland boating and fisheries patrols need to be increased, on beaches and at sea to clamp down on the people who are taking too many fish out of the ocean at one time. You need to outlaw the use of the old method of bottom trawling, it’s destroying our deep sea reefs.
I suggest that there is a relevant test for anyone who wants to get a fishing licences, this will enforce education on how many fish you can take out of the ocean at any one and what spices of fish you should look out for, It will educate about areas that are protected from fishing.

The department of fisheries have to patrol both fisherman and boats, this is a big responsibility for a relatively small apportion like the department of fisheries. Patrol units might need to be split up in to two different departments, such as one specific department for boating and another department for fishing. This will allow more time to cover the vast because the one department isn’t responsible to patrol two things at once.

More signage should be put in place to reinforce the education of the public about fishing laws. This will make it clear that if you do catch more fish than you allowed there will be consequences, not only for that person, but to the whole ecosystem.

We are getting very close to losing species forever; this will severely corrupt our ocean’s ecosystem for. 27 million tonnes are fish are thrown out every year and scientist predicts that if current fishing trends continue, world food fisheries could collapse entirely by 2050.

The department of fisheries Queensland should divide their patrol units and possibly employ more staff so that both areas of can be managed to their best abilities.


Kristina Reid

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I hope the department of fisheries clamp down on the security and  management of catch limits, to reinforce  the importance of overfishing and how much damage we are causing 

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