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Rabbit With Severe Chemical Burns Rescued

When Mitchell arrived at the shelter the staff were perplexed by his injuries.

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Mitchell had a significant loss of skin and fur on his hind quarters and huge areas above his tail where skin was simply gone and the tissue was healing as best it could.  His eyes were red and puffy and he was lethargic, depressed and underweight.  He has significant chemical burns to his hindquarter, face, back and sides.  Although the chemical residue was no longer present, the burn pattern and tissue injury was consistent with a chemical burn of some kind.  Sadly, the fur most likely cannot grow back in these areas given the depth of the burn and the sustained damage.  Most of the fur on his back may also fall off as skin is burned underneath. 

Mitchell in now under the careful watch of a caring, medical foster site and Dr. Nakamura of Adobe animal hospital, Los Altos, CA.  He is being treated for shock, traumatic burns and infection from the wounds.

Right now, besides love and medical support we are asking everyone to send healing thoughts to this boy. If you would like to help support him through his medical care you can donate using the Rabbit Haven's PayPal account or by check. Let us know it is for Mitchell. We have a $300.00 match going now too so we can make the money go twice as far.

Get well cards can be sent by email [email protected] or to PO box 66594 Scotts Valley Ca 95067.

Please Wish Mitchell well and check in on his progress here:

Want to help rescued bunnies while they wait in foster care? Rabbit haven is looking for a few great volunteers who want to help care for these special Haven bunnies.

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