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All Pakistani's can sign this petition to support prevention of child marriage.

KWO is launching a campaign “Join hands to prevent child marriages” to prevent child marriages.
• Child marriage is spoiling the basic rights of young girls including education and health (physical, mental, reproductive)
• It causes domestic violence and HIV/AIDS

We want

The minimum age of girl for marriage should be 18 years which is 16 years in child marriage act 1929. In current era, it is really difficult for young girls to fullfill responsibilities of marriage before age of 18.

The existed law which ensures 16 years minimum age for a girl to marry should be implemented strictly. As, public is use to break it regularly.

The punishment for a child marriage is one month imprisonment or a fine of Rs. 1,000, which is too negligible for the parties undertaking such actions to be concerned. It was therefore felt that the penalties should be increased to match the crime.

Gender sensitive messages should be in curriculum to aware people in early age about women & young girl rights

literacy rate should be increased to aware people


Umair Rana

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How this will help

The signed petition with recommendations will be refereed to provisional & national Government of Pakistan.  Which will force them to change the existed laws. 


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