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Sound the Whale Call to save our dying seas

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How this will help

What is your whale call?

Our oceans are in bad shape. 80 percent of our needs and 40 percent of the world's economy are obtained from the sea but we are losing it at disturbing proportion to ocean pollution. 

The ocean is our life support system but if we allow pollution to take it away from us, we will not survive on this planet.

Join people around the world and help stop ocean pollution with our whale call

Pledge to join our Causes community's Whale Call Project and make a video about ocean conservation using a unique soundtrack: whale/human music.

Join the Whale Call Project

The Whale Call Project is our global movement for marine life conservation using a distinctive from of music called whale call, a fusion of human and whale sounds, to encourage people to take action to SAVE OUR DYING SEAS.

You have to listen to a whale call to experience it at:

Whale Callsymbolizes a cry for help by our dying seas using the sound of the whales, one of the Earth's oldest and most intelligent creatures, together with all species harshly affected by degradation.

And that includes us humans.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicine we take, our jobs and economy, the weather—everything on Earth is connected to the ocean.

We all have a responsibility to keep the oceans healthy for our survival.

Help Create Awareness and Build the OApp

To achieve our objective, we will not only create awareness but also build the world's first ocean conservation mobile app, the OApp.

OApp puts action at your fingertips. You can start a cause by simply using your cellphone. Organize international supporters. Take action to save our seas. With the OApp anyone in the world can become a mobile cause leader.

Your support will help make it happen.

Pledge Your Support

So from the time you read this message, we invite you to pledge to support our campaign with your video and lead the world in sounding the whale call for ocean conservation.

Download our whale call songs, use them as soundtrack of a video showing your way of saving our seas and share them to the world at

Whale Call is a one of a kind medium for creative expression on ocean conservation. So speak your mind, hold a sign, show your photos, organize a flash mob–do anything accompanied by our whale call music to get your message across.

If You Can't Make a Video...

If you are unable to make a video, pledge to download our QR code badge, use it as social media profile and share with your friends to help drum up support for our cause.

Promote our campaign and help us reach 10,000 Whale Call videos to get the world's attention and make a difference. Let's go for a world record to save our seas!

Then on Earth Day, join our activities at WhaleCallTV on YouTube as we launch our campaign.

Visit or scan our QR code for more information.

Thank you very much.


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