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Stop VIOLENTLY KILLING the puppies who don't make the cut for the Iditarod dog-sled races (by bludgeoning or even drowning them) for, in the words of PETA, "not possessing monumental stamina and speed", and put them into the care of someone who will actually take care of them, much unlike the dogs competing in the race. Whom "pull heavy sleds through 60 to 80 mph winds, whiteouts, temperatures as low as -50°F and have their feet torn apart by ice and distance. Many of these dogs pull muscles, incur stress fractures, or become sick with diarrhea, dehydration, intestinal viruses, or bleeding stomach ulcers. Almost invariably, those dogs who survive the cull spend their lives in cramped, substandard kennels that are rarely—or never—inspected by any regulatory agency. Many kennel operators keep dogs tethered on short ropes or chains." According to Ashley Keith, former musher and Iditarod kennel employee who now rescues and rehabilitates abused sled dogs, emailed to the Sled Dog Action Coalition on April 28, 2007, “On many occasions, I witnessed the mother in law of an Iditarod musher strike puppies with a wiffle ball bat (a hollow plastic bat, approximately three feetlong). The puppies yelped and hit the ground, whimpering and clawing at the ground to try and get out of the way, trapped by their harnesses being hooked into the gangline.”"In January 2005, the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine published an assessment showing that 61 percent of the sled dogs studied exhibited an increased frequency of gastric erosions or ulcers after completing the Iditarod; none of the dogs studied had exhibited these symptoms before the race. Another study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine in 2002 found that 81 percent of the dogs run in the Iditarod had “abnormal accumulations” of mucus or cellular debris in their lower airways. According to the report, this accumulation was classified as moderate to severe in nearly half of the dogs.At least 136 dogs have suffered and died on the Iditarod trail since records of the race started being kept. Three dogs perished in the 2008 race: one who died after inhaling his own vomit, another who was killed after being hit by a snowmachine (another dog was seriously injured in the same incident), and a third who died of unknown causes. At least five mushers quit the race because their dogs were ill and suffering. In addition, two dogs were abandoned by their musher when they left the team and she was unable to locate them."If this isn't an organized act of inhumanity, I don't know what would be. The dogs are the soul of this event, however they are in no way treated like it and they are most definitely not the ones befitting from it. "Iditarod organizers downplay the dogs’ suffering and work to hide the abuses from the public. Even when mushers are caught beating dogs, as musher Ramy Brooks was in 2007, he barely received a slap on the wrist. Even though one of his dogs later died, rather than banning him for life, the Iditarod committee will allow Brooks to race again.Today’s event lacks the purpose of the original Iditarod, which was a race along a mail route to deliver an emergency supply of diphtheria serum to Nome. Now the participants—almost none of whom are indigenous Alaskans—are motivated solely by the cash prize, and they will do almost anything to get it."This absolutely unnecessary barbaric event needs to be stopped. While along the road of reformation of that fully happening, Iditarod organizers need to enact further reforms, including THOROUGH, COMPREHENSIVE CHECKS on these savage money hungry mushers, time limits on dogs' participation (which lets be honest, should not be days) and better supervision to prevent abusive training methods. This event gives people extremely false perception as to what it actually going on and what it truly stands for in the modern world. Iditarod undoubtedly does not stand for teamwork, sportsmanship, bonding, honorableness or fairness anymore. It's not about 'working dogs' fulfilling a purpose or saving the day for their people, they are no longer treated like man's best friend. They're seen as man's meal ticket. For these obvious reasoning, it's time Iditarod be controlled and put to an end.Source: thank you very much for your time and sound judgment.


Jessie Megginson

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My hope is that this petition will open up the eyes of people who are unaware of what happens behind the scenes to these innocent dogs. As well as of course, to put a halt to this unnecessary...

My hope is that this petition will open up the eyes of people who are unaware of what happens behind the scenes to these innocent dogs. As well as of course, to put a halt to this unnecessary barbaric event that gives people false insight to what it truly going on. This cruel race should end -- but until then, Iditarod organizers need to enact further reforms, including time limits on dogs' participation and better supervision to prevent abusive training methods.


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