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To: California State Assembly California State Senate State Capitol Sacramento, CA 95814 From: Dear Senate / Assembly member I am writing in opposition of SB199 and SB808. The subject matter of these proposed legislations is important to me because I believe they represent a direct violation of my 2nd Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. I believe SB199 is particularly flawed for two reasons; 1. Painting a ‘BB gun’ or similar device a bright color will certainly enable a criminal to similarly disguise a real weapon, thereby creating the illusion it is a less lethal weapon to law enforcement or citizens. I feel that this will create the potential for both misidentification and a false sense of security, and put law enforcement personnel and citizens at a higher degree of risk. 2. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution states "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." This legislation is an infringement and therefore a violation of my right to keep and bear arms. I also am opposed to SB808, for the following reasons; 1. This law does not provide either funding or methods to communicate the scope and restrictions to possible affected device owners, thereby immediately creating felons out of unknowing innocent individuals. Furthermore, since the affected devices are unregistered by definition, the scope of the communication would have to reach every single person in the state. It is painfully unclear how the state intends to reach and communicate to a segment of the population they cannot specifically identify. 2. Criminals do not follow laws, and therefore only law abiding citizens will be inconvenienced by this legislation. 3. As written, the law will be unenforceable. Short of door to door searches of citizens homes (a clear violation of the 4th amendment) there is no way to identify who may have these items in their possession. Also, the burden upon law enforcement to determine the age of an unmarked weapon is impractical, and I am certain that these weapons will be confiscated in error by untrained officers, who will, no doubt, err on the side of 'caution', again violating citizens 4th and 2nd amendment rights. I strongly urge you to consider my concern and oppose these bills. Please understand, that if passed into law, I will vigorously support any and all efforts to contest these laws in court as violations of my constitutional rights. Finally, please consider aiming your bills at actual criminals, instead of law-abiding citizens. Stiffer penalties for crimes committed with a gun would be a good start. Currently, most of your gun bills are aimed at disarming the potential victims of those criminals. Whose side are you on? Sincerely,


Cougar Watchmen CA

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