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Help give our homeless Furever Friends a chance at life by giving back in your pets name

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How this will help

A fundraiser for Finding Furever Homes, helping UK rescue dogs find their loving furever homes. In honour of our own friends on the Rainbow Bridge, we can help save at risk dogs & give them a life.

All you need to do is follow this link

 and donate a small amount, dedicating it to your pet, or memory of your pet.

£600 is roughly 85 nights of safety for an at risk dog.

"Finding Furever Homes was set up at the end of 2013 with 3 main aims in mind; Finding Furever loving homes for Rescue Dogs, Fundraising to support Rescue costs and increasing awareness of the growing problem across the UK.

Our intention is to support the smaller Rescues across the UK many of which go unnoticed and receive very little support and funding, whether that be hands on volunteering, dog walking, home checking, transporting or indeed helping them rehome more dogs and raise the funds to continue to do so.Through the use of social media we have helped rehome close to 100 dogs and raise over £6,000 in just 5 months, so imagine the difference we can make, together, once we really get organised!

As upsetting as it is to hear – the fact is that at least 25 dogs are put to sleep every day in pounds across the UK because nobody is there to step in and save them, offering a safe space or a second chance. Heartbreakingly this means at least 9,000 dogs in the UK were killed last year through no fault of their own as Rescues were full to capacity and nobody was able to offer these dogs a chance.By supporting small Rescues we can help them in the process of finding forever home by raising awareness and helping promote them to a wider audience."

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