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I urge you to oppose any legislation that calls for a minimum wage increase. While well-intentioned, raising the minimum wage will do more harm than good. Economists widely agree that a minimum wage hike would increase unemployment among low-skilled and young workers. This will make it harder for them to find or keep jobs. Increasing the minimum wage would also lead to higher overall consumer prices, causing strain on household budgets.

A higher minimum wage will mean a bigger paycheck for some workers, but it will also mean the loss of a paycheck for many others. We cannot help people climb the ladder by putting the ladder out of reach to begin with.

When it comes to helping the poor, good intentions are not enough. We need to focus on economic outcomes. Please stand with low-income workers, unemployed Americans, and small businesses by opposing a minimum wage increase.


Americans for Prosperity

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This petition will create awareness about the problems with raising the minimum wage and how increasing it would be detrimental to our country.

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