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Help Rescue the Suffering Feral Domestic Rabbits in Maryland by Sharing this Cause

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A rabbit advocate has contacted RabbitWise for help with rescuingthreatened feral rabbit overpopulation in Sparrow Point, MD. None of the organizations she previously contacted offered acceptable humane solutions. There are possibly hundreds of rabbits already and spring is coming.  She agreed to get people to trap the rabbits so that they can be neutered. RabbitWise has agreed to find a low cost vet for spaying and neutering and raise funds to pay for it.


 RabbitWise is also looking for placements in homes or sanctuaries for them on our Bunderground Railroad. If we can't find homes, a Trap, Neuter, and Return plan will be followed but a loving, safe home is our first choice. Please let us know if you have space for any of these rabbits (see below).


-Offer them Temporary Foster, Adopt them,or Sanctuary Space 
Rabbitwise Website:
E-mail: rabbitwise

- Go to the Bunderground Railroad Facebook pageand
post that you have a place for them.  The Bunderground will get them to you via a rabbit rescue organization.

-Make a tax deductible donation to RabbitWise, Inc., PO Box 2543, Kensington, MD 20891-2543

- Share this Cause Page with all your Facebook Friends and Websites where you are a member 

Feral Domestic rabbits are former domestic rabbits that have been abandoned by their owners and then form colonies on their own.  Please Help Us - Help these rabbits, they do not deserve to suffer & die in the wild.

Reality of Feral Domestic Rabbits

Domestic rabbits are descended from the wild European rabbit however; the wild instincts are lost under years of domestication; when left unprotected or uncared for in the wild domestic rabbits suffer and die.   They are terrified when left alone outside and will never find a friend in the wild, they cannot mate with local cottontails and territorial fights will arise.

The diet of a domestic rabbit is radically different than that of its cousin, the wild rabbit. They do not know the right things to eat and many starve in the wild. Domestic rabbits are especially easy prey for wild predators and totally defenseless against cars, dogs, cats, human predators and guns. Injured rabbits are instant prey to a predator.  White and other brightly colored coats on a domestic rabbit give them no way to hide making them even more visual to predators. 

What you are seeing in groups of feral domestic rabbits is reproduction every 30 days where many of the babies are eaten alive by predators, this cycle of living is a cruel and short life, and the rabbits have no defense against  ticks, worms, parasites, fleas, insect bites or fly strike, which result in sickness, inability to walk, maggots and painful death. 

Releasing domestic rabbits in the wild is certain death.

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