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To Flight Centre and Tour Operators Asia

Level G, Shop E3 Coomera City Centre, 31-39 Kristins Lane, Upper Coomera QLD 4209.

I strongly demand that these Operators put warnings on all travel brochures about the dangers of animals captured and kept in captivity.
Asia is the most commonly known country for animal cruelty. They conduct tours which evidently show the abused animals. The Tiger Temple in Thailand shows some very depressed and malnourished tigers. The Elephant Safari in Bali displays Majestic elephants with large indentations on their foreheads from the bullhook the trainers hit them with. The owners of the Masked Monkeys in Sumatra dress them up like children and make them act as if they are human.

Animals deserve fair treatment just as much as we do. They do not need to be abused for our entertainment, there are many other ways to teach them to do things without using forms of abuse. Owners need to understand that these animals usually live in a wild habitat and that when trainers abuse them, if they get attacked it’s their own fault; tourists should not be surprised. The public needs to realise that they are the ones helping keeping this cruelty going by paying for this entertainment. Tourists play a huge part in this, which they still don’t realise.

Tourist operators should print out the brochures with a Warning that includes a brief sentence about the cruelty the animals endure. They make a large profit off this entertainment.

Therefore we are demanding that Flight Centre put warning signs on their brochures for the tourists to read. This is their responsibility as they are the main source for booking and organising these tours.


Chanelle Guymer

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If I send this petition to Flight Centre and Tour Operators Asia, I can help improve the prospects for these animals.


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