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Create safe schools free from violence and fear that inspire learning.

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How this will help

Thank you for your interest and support in creating safe schools! 

Start taking action now by pledging that every child and educator should have access to safe schools. Every pledge is another voice rising up in support of our children, our schools, and our future. 

Your commitment today is needed in 3 key areas: 

1.Stand Up For Safe Schools

Stand up to create violence free schools that inspire learning and discourage fear. Petition to stop corporal punishment in the 19 states where it's still in our public schools and demand safer alternatives.

Click here to sign the petition now! 

2. Unite And Ignite Conversations

Unite and ignite conversations by sharing our educational and inspirational messages with at least 10 others. Participate in letter writing campaigns to legislators so we can drive real world change. Through igniting conversations we can create safe schools!

Click here to view Corporal Punishment in Schools: A Teen Message. Then share it with 10 more people. 

3. Promote Safe Alternatives

Promote effective alternatives to risky and discriminatory punishments like paddling and encourage safer schools.

Click here to learn more about alternatives on our Pinterest! 

Every pledge matters! Every day, over 160,000 students skip school because of fear, school shootings are an increasing threat, and over 200,000 children a year have been paddled in our public schools. Did you know that at least 30% of children who report having been bullied admitted that they have brought weapons to school? The facts are alarming, but by providing safe schools we can ease fears and replace weapons with tools so that every child may succeed. 

The effects of fear and bullying can last well into adulthood and negatively impacts our communities. More must be done to support students and educators because everyone benefits from safe schools. United, we can stop abuse, violence, crime, discrimination, bullying, academic failures, and so much more. 

New tools and alternatives are available to protect and improve schools while also setting a good example to our children. Take action right now with a pledge to help give every child equal access to safe schools. Together we can create safe schools! 

Thank You,

Team Safe Schools, Stop Abuse Campaign  

"Children's rights to life, survival, development, dignity and physical integrity do not stop at the door of the family home, nor do states' obligations to ensure these rights for children."- Dr. Sergio Pinheiro


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