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John P. Bilbrey, (President and CEO) of the Hershey Comapny

We demand that Hershey uses adult, fairly paid workers to collect your cocoa beans. You need to stop using child labour immediately.
You as a large company should be taking care of all your workers but there are young children out there collecting your cocoa beans. These children aren’t being treated fairly, being pushed around, working in harsh conditions and taken away from their families for just a little food. Every human being deserves basic human rights but the children working for you are risking their lives each day for your company to make a big profit that they won’t get a cent of, its disgraceful!
Deprived of an education, many work every day to help their families survive. They are trapped in a life of child labour. Child slaves often begin work at a very young age, meaning they miss out on basic human rights such as an education, rest and leisure. This is a tragic existence, one that no child deserves.
53 per cent of children engaged in child labour are exposed to serious hazardous conditions, including toxic chemicals, extreme temperatures, isolation, denigration, violence, heavy machinery and repetitive tasks that put strain on their small bodies. Hershey’s chocolate use cocoa suppliers in South America and West Africa. Thousands of children have been known to harvest cocoa beans for Hershey in West Africa alone today.
The majority of cocoa farmers in West Africa work on small farms of no more than 10 hectares. It is estimated there are between 1.5-2 million small cocoa farms across Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Many children must work to harvest cocoa for global consumption. Often families live in poverty and children must work to help support their family. Typically adult farmers are paid poorly for the cocoa they harvest, further compounding the issue. In other cases, children are trafficked and forced to harvest cocoa. Children as young as six years old work on cocoa farms under extremely hazardous conditions. Carrying heavy loads, using machetes to clear land and inhaling harmful pesticides are all in a day’s work.
We the undersigned demand that you stop using child labour and hire fairly paid adult workers to collect your cocoa beans and to let those children have an education.


Joshua Stone

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How this will help

By helping out child labour can be reduced, cocoa bean workers could be paid fairly with shorter hours 

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