Sign the Petition to State Legislators: abolish 'Shoot First' and 'Stand Your Ground' laws.


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The public is demanding your leadership and common sense in protecting the public by repealing harmful and dangerous 'shoot first' laws, including 'Stand Your Ground' off the books.

As explained by Advancement Project co-director Judith Browne Dianis, “We can’t wait until another Black child is killed in Florida before the state sees the fallacy of Stand Your Ground. This law is not about self-defense. It is a criminal protection law. It not only sanctions killing a person at will if one feels threatened, but it reflects racial biases in how it is evoked and enforced. It’s no surprise that the most high-profile cases surrounding the law both involve Black teenage boys who appeared ‘threatening’ to their assailants. It’s bad public policy that must be repealed now.”



Laws should exist to protect innocent people, not to prevent killers from being brought to justice. Laws such as 'Stand Your Ground' and 'Shoot First' have excused the killers of innocent youths like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. Don't let another innocent life be lost to the senseless violence permitted by this terrible law. 

As elected officials, the safety of the public falls under your watch. It is your responsibility to protect innocent lives, and not legalize vigilante-style homicide. 

Repeal 'Shoot First' and 'Stand Your Ground' laws NOW.


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