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Grant O’Brian the current CEO at Woolworths.

Mr Grant O’Brien
Managing Director & CEO
Woolworths Limited
PO Box 8000
Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Dear Mr O'Brian
I am demanding that Woolworth’s starts to label the factory farmed products them and make every single person that enters your store aware of what they are about top purchase.
We rear and slaughter an estimated sixty five billion farm animals worldwide every year. Nearly 2 in every 3 of them spend their lives in factory farm systems that prioritise maximum production above all else like the animals welfare. This modern craze creates massive amounts of seemingly cheap meat, milk and eggs. But it comes as a cost. Animals are treated as objects and are often raised in intense confinement. Factory farming is highly dependent on large quantities of limited resources such as grain based feed, water, energy and medication. As the CEO of Woolworths you can make a difference, by not purchasing and not selling these products. Your career has extended over 25 years you know more than anyone else, how bad the products can be. You also know where the products came from and how the animals were treated.
Despite the progress that is being made. We have to face the hard truth that our planet faces a food and farming crisis. As a system of food production, factory farming is failing. It is not just inhumane it’s dangerous, unfair and dirty, with impacts ranging from climate change to biodiversity loss and disease to food insecurity. We must tackle the very notion of factory farming in order to bring about an end to this unacceptable practice.

Yours sincerely
Bradley finch


Bradley Finch

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How this will help

This petition will make Woolworth label all the factory farmed priducts.


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