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Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto

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To Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto
We demand that your company Rio Tinto stop supplying uranium to overseas governments for nuclear power plants. You are supplying way too many counties such as Japan, South Korea, China, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United States. This needs to stop to prevent nuclear power from becoming a disaster.
At the current rate which your company is consuming uranium it will be depleted in 50 years. Cleary these statistics show that nuclear power is not a sustainable way of supplying electricity.
You say that nuclear power is better for the environment but you are forgetting that mining and transporting the uranium gives out a considerable amount of greenhouse gas. Sources say that power plants are to blame for 1/3 of global warming.
Terrorism has is a big problem in the western world and with nuclear power plants on the rise, they will be a big target for terrorism and sabotage. You need to stop supplying before terrorism is a serious threat for the western world.
If you stop supplying uranium, other governments will not have the resources for nuclear power and this will result in forcing the use of more sustainable ways to get electricity.
We the undersigned demand that you stop supplying other countries with uranium and invest into sustainable ways of electricity.
Nathan Torpie


Nathan Torpie

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How this will help

This petition will help to reduce the amount of uranium that is supplied by Australia to other countries.

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