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US Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, leaders in Brazil, India, and Australia to be added.

It has been estimated that 49 countries have a significant child bride problem. The thing that we must acknowledge is that in most cases these young girls do not want to be married. They want normal lives. They want to play with their friends, they want to be educated, and they want to have a full adolescence. These marriages rob many girls of their innocence, many times before puberty, and this is something that as a global society we cannot tolerate. The bottom line, child marriage is extremely harmful to the girls involved. It's also the root of so many other societal ills: poverty, disease, maternal mortality, infant mortality, violence against women. All of those are symptoms connected to the same problem. If you solve the child marriage problem, these other issues benefit as well. Let's be honest, when an eight-year-old has sex with a 20-something-year old, that's rape. It is child rape. It's evil and it's wrong! It's something we cannot be okay with. We must protect these children that cannot protect themselves. We call on the leaders of all countries that allow this harmful and dangerous practice to change laws & educate their societies so that girls have the opportunity to have a normal childhood. We call on all major nations of the world to use all the influence they can to pressure countries to protect the human rights of young adolescent, and pre-adolescent girls. And we call upon the people of all nations to put the health and welfare of our children ahead of all other concerns and social traditions. If you agree that children should be allowed the opportunity to have a normal childhood free of fear and abuse, please add your support.


Fabi Castro

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By signing this petition you are giving support for the millions of female children around the world who just want a chance for a normal life. 


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