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We have such a lovely story to share.....this is from Adrian. He contacted RAR a while ago about his dog who had been hurt. RAR provided free x-rays and vet care. This is what he just wrote to me......proof that all you need is love: 

"Hi there! 

How are you doing? Pretty awesome, I'd bet! . And so are we, thanks to you!

Picky has been neutralized, vaccinated and deparasitated internally and externally. He now has a cip, a number and a Health Book. He's happy, he jumps and runs around and his leg is a lot better. He can now stand on his back legs and he's stepping on it almost like before he was hit. His eyesight and his hearing aren't all that great but that is due to his age.  His hair has gotten softer and his skin is a lot cleaner thanks to the deparasitation.  During this period of time, from the moment he got hit untill today - the end day of his "treatment" - I got to see him. I realised how smart he is, how compliant and trustful he is and how he only needs little things to be joyful. And I got to see how beautiful he can be. When I scratch his back and his chest and under his ears, he cuddles to my feet like a cat and that is simply beautiful. All in all, I think this event - of him getting hit by a car - has come as a heads-up for me and a chance for him to be seen. It made me realise that he is my responsability and I should take care of him to the best of my ability, it made me see how special he is and in return, he gets cared for and loved in his last steps on the ladder of life. But all this wouldn't have been possible without your financial help! At a time where the best solution was to put him under adoption, you helped me keep him and more. All it took is for you to know that a dog is in pain. That was all you needed to jump in and help as much as you can. So thank you! Thank you for your support and thank you for Almavet and for their professionalism and dedication and, of course, the extra heads-up to what my responsability is. Thank you"

We thank you Adrian for keeping Picky and for caring for him!


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