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We demand the resignation of Bengt Holst Scientific director Of Copenhagen Zoo


Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

We the undersigned demand the resignation of Bengt Holst.

WHY?  because this Scientific Director is responsible for the needless killing of an innocent baby Giraffe.

This healthy young giraffe named Marius was killed on Feb 9th 2014 at Copenhagen Zoo, despite a worldwide campaign and offers to save him from other Zoo's.

Bengt Holst authorised the killing by Veterinarian Mads Bertelsen.

Mads has since stated how he lured Marius with rye bread - and shot him in the head."The Giraffe got a pleasant moment with rye bread. It was the last thing he saw!" 

This man Bengt Holst is not fit to be anywhere near animals, and the Zoo as a whole need to rethink their values and policies on animal welfare, because their attitude to this needless killing is disgusting.



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