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Tell the ZOO how i feel about the killing of the baby Giraffe

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"SURPLUS" Giraffe named Marius  at Copenhagen Zoo.

They used a BOLT gun on this baby and now will feed his meat to their carnivores. 

Other Zoo's had offered to rehome the Giraffe!

Around 9 am Feb 9th 2014 the Copenhagen Zoo KILLED their baby Giraffe.

PLEASE PLEASE, leave a comment on their FB-page... 



SURPLUS - Giraffe KILLED on Sunday Feb 9th 2014!!!

There's film here of the 'expert' who offers truly pathetic justification & conclusive proof of his lack of understanding of animals...


The ZOO have justified this KILLING by stating this Giraffe will feed their other animals.

CONTACT THE DIRECTOR... Dr. Bengt Holst, Copenhagen Zoo, Roskildevej 38, PO Box 7, DK-2000, Frederiksberg, Denmark, 

Email: [email protected]


Roskildevej 38 2000 Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, Denmark 

Phone +45 72 20 02 00 

Email  [email protected]



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