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The Cutting of Gypsy children's Hair While In The Care Of Social Services, Foster Parents, Guardianship's and Adoption Is Racial Abuse!!!

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This petition was created to show the serious matter of Gypsy children who are taken from parents who have never harmed them to be placed with foster carers, guardian's and adoptive families who are not racially trained to provide these children with care that meets their racial background.
To stop these children from being racial abused by cutting Gypsy girls hair while in the care system.
To show to UK social services that Gypsy's are in fact a race and ethnic minority within the UK. With a cultural background and customs and Gypsy children's culture is TOTALLY disregarded once a child is taken for risk of possible emotional harm.
To show that real emotional harm as well as the physical harm caused by cutting Gypsy girls hair, which is taking place once these children are stolen from their parents.
To make the police take serious the reports of Gypsy children who are being abused in this manner.
The Nazi's used cutting of Gypsy's hair in concentration camps to humiliate and dehumanize . This horror still haunts our people today.


Gypsy Gel Melty

We hope that this petition will help UK social services take action to respect ethnic minority's cultures. To give carers training in the caring of children from a Gypsy/Traveller background. To let Gypsy/Traveller children have the same human rights as other children in care. To get governments services to uphold in maintaining Gypsy/Traveller culture while in care. We also hope that it will make police take the proper action when a Gypsy/Traveller child is being racially assaulted by their carers.

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