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As we approach the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act, this hard-earned legislation is under attack. In the first truly democratic nation, the Supreme Court laid waste last year to the landmark law by invalidating its preclearance formula. We need to fight back this onslaught on the Voting Rights Act now.

Rep. Conyers needs your support as he leads the effort in the House to restore full voting rights for all of our adult citizens. The Voting Rights Act is critically important legislation whose rules shouldn’t be loosened. Too many Americans died or were injured while fighting for the right to vote to let this happen. Please sign up to be a citizen co-sponsor of the Voting Rights Amendment Act, H.R. 3899, of which Rep. Conyers is a co-sponsor, to show your support for restoring its full protections.


David Elfin

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We need to show the Republicans and their wealthy tea party allies that they will pay a price for threatening our fundamental right to vote.  

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