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LiNK  needs funds to help refugees from N. Korea resettle and start productive lives anew in free countries (primarily South Korea where many people are reconnected with family)

Why help North Koreans? Isn't just a country of brainwashed people under a dictatorship? Well, not exactly. There are some people making their way out and there is hope in general. Like the chipping away at the Berlin Wall, if enough people can get help when they attempt to escape, they can multiply the efforts as the refugees become familiar with human rights and freedom. Some of them then communicate to their relatives in North Korea and let them know there is a way out. You can think of this as a potential for a modern day Underground railroad.

"Every year, thousands of North Koreans risk their lives to escape political persecution and economic hardship. If caught trying to escape or caught in China and sent back, they are at risk of ...brutal beatings, forced labor, forced abortions, torture, and internment in a political prison camp. ...while hiding in China their illegal status forces them to work in invisible industries and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and sex traffickers.... Although many refugees try to escape, many do not have the resources or connections to get themselves out of China. That's where we come in.

We Can Help.   100% of EVERY penny donated to this campaign will go towards the rescue of North Korean refugees." - from libertyinnorthkorea.org

$100 provides shelter to one refugee and the rescuers for the journey.

$2500 provides the average total cost to rescue an individual. My own fundraiser on the LiNK site is to free one person by our Independence Day. I live on a very low income, so every dollar you can provide will help me get there.

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