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I pledge to give LOVE & LIGHT to all life on planet EARTH

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How this will help

Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist was quoted as saying: "Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether it be narcotic, alcohol, morphine or idealism."

We are living in a most exciting and interesting times. No matter our place, position or status in society, we are now globally more directly connected and affected by world events than ever before.

Many widely held concepts, such as autonomy, sovereignty, independence and individualism are being challenged by events and processes which know no borders.

Group thinking tanks, sharing at a high level, sharing information to help raise the consciousness of our planet is present in most internet web sites.

Holding onto old paradigms and set mindsets will then only slow things down on an individual level. As change speeds up, the new stream of consciousness will eventually sweep us along, whether we are "on-board" or not. We may as well let go of the fear of letting go of old negative patterns and addictions and be the change, because we are the change anyway.

An analogy worth considering at this point should be the famous Frog in Boiling Water anecdote with the premise that when a frog is placed in cold water and the water is slowly heated up to boiling point, the frog will not be able to sense danger and will in fact quite comfortably fail to save itself before its too late. It has apparently been proven through some experimentation in the 19th century that this is true, as long as the heating process remains slow enough.

Heraclitus said: "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change"


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