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For better attorneys to take parents cps cases

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A lot of parents don't have money to fight for there children when there children have been wrongfully taken / put up for adoption / sale we are in need of good fighting attorneys to help us fight against cps / family court we have to join all together in all states since we are coming together I know my pledge will help us bring our innocent children home safe out of foster care to there loving parents / families we have a lot of work we need to do like sending e-mails making phones writing letters having public meeting we are going to contact as many people as we can we are not playing cps games no more or family court we are going to start taking action so we can bring our children home we can not keep letting our innocent children suffer Let's all join together we are doing this for all our children we need all parent / families to come out of hiding we are joining together in all states we are about to stop cps / family court


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