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Help Find Rescues for the Feral Domestic Rabbits before they are killed and used for animal food!

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These rabbits have suffered enough because of human ignorance, they do not deserve to suffer in the wild or die to feed predators.  Please step up and help them have a chance in life.  Share this Cause Far & Wide!

Feral Rabbit Management Plan, Trapping for winter 2014 is now underway. 

The Town is still accepting proposals for sanctuaries. If any non-for-profit society for spay/neutering and permanent relocation at an appropriate sanctuary comes forward at any time, the contractor will, upon Town approval, release trapped rabbits to the group.  All sanctuary proposals must meet the Town's standards and evaluation criteria.  

Any feral rabbits that cannot be relocated will be humanely trapped, euthanized and used as a food source at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

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2012 - Trapped and Killed

2011 - Dead bunny hopping: Campaign to save Canmore's hated rabbits fails

2007 - According to news articles these rabbits have been suffering in the wild since the 1990's

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For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue


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