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By signing the attached petition you are supporting and in full agreement that a formal written letter, with Attached Petition Signatures be delivered to FaceBook Corporate requesting that FaceBook Corporate implement as a minimum the following:

1). When a FaceBook member files a formal complaint of a “Suspected Act of Animal Abuse”, FaceBook Corporate is to implement a policy where its employees forwards the images of picture(s) or video in question to the legal authorities for review.

2). FaceBook Corporate is to make the process of reporting a “Suspected Act of Animal Abuse” more user friendly for its members.

3). FaceBook Corporate is to email each member who does a Good Samaritan Act and files a formal complaint of a “Suspected Act of Animal Abuse” that the complaint has been forwarded to the proper legal authorities for review.

4). Graphic Content that is deemed inappropriate for children to view should be changed by FaceBook to have a Public Warning and Age Verification Test prior to being allowed to view the Graphic Content.

If after reading above petition request you find yourself to be in agreement with this cause and you would like to see the above 4 points (as a minimum) be implemented by FaceBook Corporate, then please sign the Petition.


James Bauder

This petition closed 7 months ago

How this will help

Why sign this petition? Please "carefully" read before you sign.

I am asking whoever signs this petition to stand together "United" and make FaceBook Corporate, change a few key policies regarding...

Why sign this petition? Please "carefully" read before you sign.

I am asking whoever signs this petition to stand together "United" and make FaceBook Corporate, change a few key policies regarding the Reporting of a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse". I am not saying that FaceBook should ban or remove the videos or pictures, I am just wanting FaceBook to support the community and forward all complaints of "Suspected Acts of Animal Abuse" to the proper legal authority for review. This one step allows the "law to decide" and not Facebook if in fact the questioned complaint of a graphic video or picture(s) has violated any Animal Abuse laws. If the law decides the evidence provided by FaceBook warrants a Legal Investigation then there is a very good chance that justice will be served and the Animal(s) will be protected and the guilty person(s) will be charged accordingly.

Check out the link: FaceBook Community Standards

Note: Not one mention of Protecting Children from viewing inappropriate Graphic Content  which is something I am hoping to see FaceBook change. 

Your actions when you make a complaint as a FaceBook Member:

You see a graphic picture or video of a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse" on FaceBook and you are compelled to do the right thing as a Good Samaritan and report this to FaceBook. You go through the daunting process of filing a complaint reporting the questioned image of a video or picture(s) that clearly in your mind shows a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse". You feel like you have done the right thing by doing a Good Samaritan Act and you should feel good about doing something vs. nothing. A few days later you get a shocking response emailed to you regarding your complaint from FaceBook stating "the image of the picture or video you reported has not violated any community laws". Many members are instantly angered over this response. Sadly, you're not alone in receiving the exact same repeated generic response. In fact, Hundreds of Thousands of FaceBook members have also done a Good Samaritan Act and they have received the very same response back from FaceBook after reporting a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse". 

FaceBook Actions:

A complaint (right or wrong) is received by a FaceBook member informing FaceBook of a questioned image of a video or picture(s) that may be a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse". An employee of FaceBook reviews the complaint submitted and the image of the picture(s) or video in question. 

FaceBook emails the member who filed the complaint stating the image of the graphic picture(s) or video in question hasn't broken any community laws!

Correct me if I am wrong, but does this not make FaceBook Corporate and the employee who responded back to the member an accessory to Supporting Animal Abuse? 

Think about it. FaceBook allows its community membership to post pictures and videos of a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse" and it allows its members to file a formal complaint and yet FaceBook does nothing when they have the technology and the resources to simply forward the complaint of a "Suspected Act of Animal Abuse" to the proper Legal Authorities for review. 

FaceBook and its employees should "NOT" be permitted to determining if any community law(s) towards Animal Abuse have or have not been violated.  

With the power of numbers that FaceBook has from its large global community membership and a well known fact that Facebook is one of the world's largest Global Social Media Community Network maybe these 4 simple and easy to implement requests contained within this petition might just tip the scales in favor of having a positive outcome towards Stopping Global Animal Abuse.

If you have signed this Petition, I and many others including all the Animals that are being abused right now as you read this Cause to Petition, Sincerely Thank You! 

Do you want to do more as a Stop Animal Abuse Good Samaritan? 

Here is your chance.

I ask you to kindly and respectfully be a Good Stop Animal Abuse Samaritan by considering to do the following three simple and free requests.

  1. Share or Post this petition on your own FaceBook Home Page.
  2. Talk about this Petition with your friends, family, coworkers. Stopping Global Animal Abuse is a topic worth talking about. Remember, Animals can't speak, so we the Stop Animal Abuse Good Samaritans, need to speak for them.
  3. Join the Stop Global Animal Abuse FaceBook Community Fan Page, by clicking on the link below and then find the "Like Page" in the top right hand corner and click on it. Stop Global Animal Abuse Community Fan Page

Again, I Sincerely Thank You for your time and consideration to signing this Petition.

James Bauder, Petition Signature 1. 


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