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Send a Valentine's Day card to Home Depot and Lowe's asking them to "show bees some love”.

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How this will help

No strawberries, no honey -- without bees Valentine's Day just wouldn't be the same. Bees pollinate two-thirds of our global food crops and they are in trouble. Last year U.S. beekeepers reported 40-100 percent losses in their hives, and right now they are likely facing another winter of historic bee die-offs.

That's why we're asking you to join thousands of people coast-to-coast to swarm Home Depot and Lowe's stores the week of valentines day (February 10-16). Can we count on your support to put pressure on Home Depot and Lowe's? 

More than half a million people have signed petitions asking Home Depot and Lowe's to stop selling "poisoned plants" and bee-killing pesticides, and we'll be delivering these petitions on Valentine's Day.

Please help us put increased pressure on these two national chain stores that continue to selling Neonicotinoid pesticides (also called"neonics") that are killing bees. These pesticides have been banned in Europe but no action has been taken in the USA by regulators to protect bees. That's why we need your help to put grassroots pressure on Home Depot and Lowe's at a "loving" time of year.  

Delivering a valentine will be easy.  We're excited to get you involved in this great campaign.Take the pledge and we'll send you a printable valentine and step-by-step guide of how to send it.  


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