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Judge C. Roger McRae at District Court in Elkland PA

We respectfully request that you review the facts of this case carefully. It is clear that Charlie was locked in a crate, and left to starve to death and that is beyond a misdemeanor. That is murder. Until PA lawmakers send a message to these criminals with strict sentences, the abuse will continue. Please use Matthew Scott Stone's action as a vehicle to set a new precedent in PA. The penalty should fit the crime and in a case of cruelty like this, automatic jail time and stiff financial penalties seem to be more fitting than a 'slap on the wrist'. We thank you for taking the time to hear our voices. Respectfully, Pennsylvania Animal Activists


Kristin Lauersen

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Please sign this petition to request stiff penalties for the murderer of Elsa aka Charlie.  See full story on the 'Justice for Elsa' facebook page below.


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